GIANT Innovation 1 Day Sprint 
This dynamic, hands-on workshop helps organizations solve their challenges while simultaneously providing participants with innovation skills and mindsets. Combining the best of design thinking, lean startup, creativity research and storytelling, this workshop will enable participants to:

  • Engage in “problem-finding” to identify underlying customer and organizational opportunities
  • Learn powerful alternatives to brainstorming that generate novel and useful ideas
  • Build and test ideas with rapid prototyping, while adopting a mindset of resilience
  • Persuade target audiences using storytelling tools


  • Generate multiple prototype solutions to solve your specific business challenge, including actionable steps and important insights
  • Participants will learn the best of creativity, design thinking, lean startup and storytelling skills
  • Receive a detailed report that captures the prototype solutions, insights and team learnings produced by the workshop 
  • Participants will receive a copy of our Innovation Primer, a short user-friendly guidebook to help apply what has been learned back at the office.


9:00am-430pm. There are also multi-day and multi-month versions that enable participants to develop higher fidelity solutions, deepen learning outcomes and apply frontier technology.

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